Halsey helped administer first aid while participating in George Floyd protests

On May 31st, Halsey took part in the Santa Monica protests organized as a response to the unjust killing of George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck. While at the protest, Halsey came face-to-face with the teargas and rubber bullets officers have been using, but, luckily, she came prepared with first aid supplies, which she sadly had to put to use.

When she arrived at the protests, she tweeted that she came ready with appropriate medical supplies in case they were needed. “Santa Monica I’m here I have medical supplies lots of it,” she tweeted. And though the protest was peaceful, the police marched on the group and began firing.

“I dont know how to articulate the horrors of today. NG + officers firing rounds into kneeling crowds,” Halsey tweeted later that day. “We don’t have enough medics on the ground on our side. I was treating injuries I am not qualified to. So much blood spilled. If you have med training pls go + standby outskirts.”

She then shared some of the grim details from the protest, including a list of medical supplies other may want to pack before heading to a protest in their own city—”Alcohol, disinfectant, gauze for excessive bleeding, non stick gauze pads and medical tape, eye pads, butterfly bandages, cold packs, neosporin, bandage scissors, tweezers, and ace bandages.”

Halsey later compiled the images she took from the protest in order to show people what’s really going on on the front lines.

“It’s easy from the comfort of your home to watch looting and rioting on television and condone the violent measures being taken by forces,” she wrote in a June 1st Instagram. “But what you don’t see is innocent peaceful protestors being shot at and tear gassed and physically assaulted relentlessly…This is happening everywhere. And innocent people exercising their rights to speech and assembly are facing violence and abuse of power.”

She continued, “With all of our medical professionals being CONSUMED and EXHAUSTED with Covid, there is little to no medical attention available. I have first hand treated men women and children who have been shot in the chest, the face, the back. Some will lose vision some have lost fingers. I have been covered in innocent blood.”


Halsey is one of many celebrities who have joined protests in cities nationwide, donated, and/or presented calls to action. As Halsey wrote in her Instagram post, “Please care. We are begging you to care. This is war on Americans. This is everyone’s problem. Everyone’s.”

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