A Halo Top ice cream shop is opening, and you know where to find us when it does

Halo Top ice cream has taken over the internet. Browse through any human’s social media profile and we guarantee that you’ll land on something along the lines of “Friday night plans: Netflix and Halo Top.” Halo Top became as popular as it did because they are low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar and boast each tub’s low-calorie count across the label.  Currently, you can only get these cold treats at the grocery store, but Halo Top is set to open an ice cream shop, and well, you know where to find us when they do.

The shop will open in Los Angeles at the Westfield Topanga mall, and hopefully, if it’s successful, more Halo Top stores in Los Angeles and around the country. In addition to serving seven of their classic flavors, they will also have four new 90-calorie soft serve flavors, which includes vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, birthday cake, and peanut butter on a rotating basis.

People got the exclusive ice cream scoop (lol) on the new creamery and adds that they will serve something called a puffle and a Halo Top taco.

The actual physical space will mimic the brand’s tubs, meaning bright, fluorescent, and cheerful (probably not unlike the Museum of Ice Cream). “A pink neon ‘Let’s Spoon’ sign lights up the shop’s outer wall, and the space is crowned with a large glowing golden halo that floats over the marble shop,” the brand said in a press release.

The grand opening is next week, November 15, and if you visit on their first day, you get a free scoop!

November 15th cannot come quick enough.