Halloweentown’s Marnie and Kal are dating IRL, and this is the Disney Channel Original Movie romance we never knew we needed

As the temperature rises and the days are become longer, there’s also undoubtedly a lot of summer love in the air. Romance is undoubtedly at its peak, as evidenced by the whirlwind engagement of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, and Justin Bieber getting down on one knee to ask for Hailey Baldwin’s hand in marriage. Now, the next couple we should revert our attention to is Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz — as in Marnie and Kal from Halloweentown —because the two are apparently officially dating, and excuse us as we wipe our tears out of sheer happiness.

Brown is the actress behind Marnie Piper in the Halloweentown franchise (except for the 4th one, and we still have no idea why she wasn’t in it up to this day…?). Her character has the hots for Daniel Kountz’s Kal, and Kal was totally into her as well. But they never got to be a thing — on-screen, at least.

For International Kissing Day on July 6th, Kimberly dropped a photo of her and Daniel smooching, which only implies that they are indeed an item. “#internationalkissingday you say?” she wrote on the caption. “I’ll just leave this right here then ?#nationalkissingday”

YOU GUYS, MARNIE IS DATING KALABAR’S SON. We need a Halloweentown spinoff just for their romance, STAT.

Fans on Twitter are rightfully shook to the core, because our childhood ship is finally sailing!



Although it’s only a few days ago that they made their relationship Instagram official, Brown has been dropping hints that there’s something going on between her and Daniel for a few months now. Their first couple selfie was back in October 2017 when they celebrated Daniel’s birthday together, and they’ve been hanging out more and more frequently since.

They did a couples costume as Superman and Wonder Woman for Halloween, saw Hamilton, went ice skating Serendipity-style, did a Christmas photo shoot with their cat, and traveled to places like Solvang and Portland. They even went to Kaley Cuoco’s wedding together. Ah, #justcouplethings.

Hey Disney, we hope it wouldn’t be too much to ask for a brand new DCOM about Marnie and Kal’s romance even if it’s 17 years too late. Please make it happen.

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