The star of ‘Halloweentown’ is returning to Halloweentown IRL

FYI: for everyone, Halloweentown exists in real life. Halloweentown is not just one of the best Disney Channel Original Movies every made, but a real place in this here United States – and OK, it’s actually St. Helen’s, Oregon, which served as the filming location for Halloweentown. Every year they bring Halloweentown to life for the best Halloween party on the planet, because they can. 2015’s party is so far shaping up to be the best one yet, since Halloweentown star, Kimberly J. Brown just announced that she’s GOING to this recreated Halloweentown in October.

This is a DCOM dream come true.

In a YouTube video, posted by Brown, she explains that she’s “going to dust off the old broom, pull out my witch’s cloak and fly on up to Halloweentown and kick off the festivities for the month.” On October 10th, she’ll be in Halloweentown St. Helen’s to kick off the festivities, and that includes lighting the GIANT Great Pumpkin  in the town square. The town is also hoping to get an epic group picture with Brown and everyone else in their best witches costumes. So seriously, if you’re in the area, you have to do this for us. Please go to Halloweentown dressed up as a witch.

Brown is super honored that the town of St. Helens does this every single year, and thrilled that they asked her to fly up for this year’s event. WE ARE, TOO. If you want to check out everything about these HT festivities, head on over to the Spirit of Halloweentown Facebook page, because they’ve got all the deets.

And even if Halloweentown is not your favorite DCOM, remember Brown was also in Quints. But there’s no Spirit of Quints — at least not yet.

(Image via Disney Channel)


FYI: You can totally visit the real Halloweentown