The “Halloweentown” cast is reuniting in honor of Debbie Reynolds

If you didn’t grow up watching Singin’ in the Rain, then perhaps the first time that Debbie Reynolds became known to you as a kid was in the Disney Channel Original Movie series Halloweentown. Sadly, Reynolds died in 2016, and to honor the screen legend, the cast of Halloweentown is reuniting! Actor Kimberly J. Brown, who played Marnie in the first three Halloweentown TV movies, posted a video on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, August 15th, announcing the reunion. It’s a must-attend event for any mega fan of this classic Halloween-themed DCOM franchise.

We always wished there was an actual Halloweentown, where mystical creatures like witches, vampires, werewolves, and ghosts live all year-round — not just on October 31st. And the town in which the movie was made — St. Helens, Oregon — made that dream a reality by creating the event the Spirit of Halloweentown.

For the Spirit of Halloweentown 2017, a lot of the cast will be gathering at the event to pay tribute to Debbie Reynolds.

As Brown said in her video, she will return to the Spirit of Halloweentown accompanied by Judith Hoag, who played Marnie’s reluctant mom Gwen, and J.Paul Zimmerman, who played her brother Dylan (the actor used to go by the name Joey). While the Spirit of Halloweentown lasts almost all month-long in St. Helens, the three actors will help pay tribute to Reynolds on Saturday, October 14th, with a lighting ceremony and a monument unveiling dedicated to her character.

Reynolds memorably played Marnie’s grandmother, Aggie, who knew the importance of teaching Marnie the ways of witchcraft.

Brown also said that Emily Roeske, who played Marnie’s little sister Sophie, is trying to make an appearance at the family reunion, though she wasn’t confirmed as of August 15th.

Tickets for meet-and-greet sessions with the cast of Halloweentown are on sale now at Discover Columbia County and on the event’s Facebook page, so it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit ASAP for this special event in honor of Grandma Aggie.