“Halloween wreaths” are a thing and they’ve just WON fall

Take a dash of DIY, a hint of spook, and a slice of awesomeness, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for a #HalloweenWreath. These homemade door decorations, essential for any Halloween survival kit, have us running to the nearest craft store to get our autumn on. Here are some of our faves:

Malificent magnificence.

Greetings from Sully.

A Mummy’s Gift.

Oh Dear Jason.

Some classic skull & bones never hurt anyone.

Day of the Dead meets country chic.

From the catacombs.

The Witch is in.


Some good old fashioned Boo.


Yarr, who goes tharr?


Spirit of Halloween Future.

Skellington Style

Burned at the Stake

Have you got a #HalloweenWreath itch to scratch? All you need to do is wrap some Halloween themed fabric, burlap, twigs, or any other creepy material around a wreath ring. Then use sewing pins to hold together the accoutrements like wrapped flowers, pom poms, or ribbons. Use super glue or a hot glue gun for items like skulls, spiders, bones, or pumpkins. Use your deepest, darkest imagination. Just like in Halloween Town, almost anything goes.

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