Just in time for Halloween, this super-spooky burger is coming to Burger King

Halloween is just a little over a month away, hooray, hooray! So while you’re planning your costumes and figuring out which houses in your neighborhood might cough up some candy if you ring the bell even though you are eons too old to be trick or treating, you might also want to schedule in a drive-thru to Burger King amongst the festivities.

That’s because this month Burger King is bringing its “Halloween Whopper” to the United States. As Time reports, last year Burger King did a test run of the burger in Japan, where ingredients included “…black hamburger buns, black cheese, black ketchup, all made from squid ink and bamboo charcoal.”

The recipe in the States will be a little different, as the black hamburger buns will be deriving their color from A1 sauce as opposed to squid ink.

“Our U.S. guests have been extremely curious about the bun flavors they’ve seen introduced in Japan and other countries, so we saw the opportunity to bring them an equally unique experience,” said Eric Hirschhorn, Chief Marketing Officer of Burger King North America, as Thrillist reports. “We tailored the flavor of the black bun to the American palate with A.1. sauce, a flavor this country loves, and we’re delivering it in a way that’s never been done before by baking it into the bun. It may look Japanese but it tastes like America.”

You won’t have to wait long to sink your teeth into this goth burger goodness. Burger King will start serving the Halloween Whopper tomorrow, September 28th, for a limited time (we’re thinking maybe through Halloween?) for $4.99.

We’re ready, Burger King. Bring it.


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