13 Halloween trees Jack Skellington would approve of

“Oh Halloween tree, oh Halloween tree, how lovely are your dead black branches and bone ornaments and — oh my gosh, is that blood?” Halloween is coming up quick, ghouls and ghosts. Have you decorated your Halloween tree yet?

If you’re wondering what in tarnation a Halloween tree even is, it’s simply a piece of decor that combines the best of both Halloween and Christmas, something our good friend Jack Skellington is all about. They’re spooky and strange. They’re downright hair-raising — and they’re the coolest piece of Halloween decor you can put in your house this season.

There’s only 46 days until Halloween and you do want Santa Claws to come to your house this year, right? You better get cracking on that tree, then!

1The Scared Silly Tree

As Pinterest user, Iris Gonyea, said, this tree is perfect for those “that prefer a silly Halloween to a scary one.” And we’re all about those silly skeletons.

2The Addams Family Spiderweb Tree

A simple, primitive way to spook up any corner and show a little sparse tree some love.

3The Candy Corn Tree

DIY your own candy corn tree by purchasing a faux white tree along with orange and yellow spray paint. Diligently spray your orange and yellow tree sections, let dry, and decorate with all the Halloween-y things you have on hand.

4The Haunted Candelabra Tree

If you’re looking to DIY an eerie centerpiece for your Halloween candlelit dinner, this wire tree is the way to go. Begin wrapping wire around a rock base and build up from there. Don’t give up — remember, patience is a virtue, child!

5The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Obviously Jack Skellington would love this tree because he and his friends are featured in it. But on the flip-side, Jack probably wouldn’t be too happy with Oogie Boogie taking center stage (like he’s always wont to do…ugh!).

6A Tree to Go Batty Over

Make your own haunted tree by tying a few dead sticks together at the base and propping the bundle up between a few sturdy pumpkins. The silhouetted bat ornaments that Kristen Whitbey added to her tree are the perfect chilling touch.

7The Spooky Silhouette Tree

By using a faux white tree lit with white lights, any ornaments you hang will be silhouetted. Darken the room, plug in your tree, and watch the shadows come alive.

8Black and Orange Everything Tree

This room is literally what we think heaven must look like. When can we move in?

9The Bone-Chiller Tree

Skeletons, skulls, witches, and that truly terrifying crescent moon skull at the top make this tree the ultimate mashup of all of our favorite fears.

10The Festive Fall Tree

Keep this DIY pumpkin tree up through Halloween and into Thanksgiving! Check out Lia Griffith’s tutorial on how to make your own paper pumpkins and get the whole family involved in putting together your perfect autumn-themed tree.

11The AHS: Freak Show Tree

This tree is giving us creepy clown/Coney Island-gone-bad vibes. Those vintage eye-less masks give us the willies but we don’t care. We love it.

12The Farm Stand Tree

So you grew a ton of veggies in your garden this year and want to show off your green thumb? Fashion a pumpkin/veggie tier tree out of some old furniture or milk crates, stack your bounty on top, and call it a farm stand tree! Bonus points if you carve some of the pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.

13The Alfred Hitchcock Tree

Hitchcock would love this avian-themed tree. It looks like these guys are taking a quite rest before shooting their next scene in The Birds.

Make The Nightmare Before Christmas a reality in your house this year with a crafty Halloween tree. The presents underneath may be a bit unsavory, but hey, at least the tree looks great.

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