This Halloween-themed rainbow highlighters seem to work spookily well

When Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty introduced the original rainbow highlighter, the internet naturally freaked out. Because the highlighter is basically face magic, turning ordinary humans into mystical unicorns. Or at least in our minds it does.

To celebrate fall and the spookiest/best/most fun holiday of the season/year, Bitter Lace Beauty is releasing a collection of Halloween-inspired rainbow highlighters.

Created by Jenna Georgescu, the talented lady who runs Bitter Lace Beauty, the four new compacts range from gorgeous and playful to actually legit scary — making a pretty epic addition to some Halloween costumes.

The company has been slowly revealing the new colors on Instagram, and fans cannot WAIT to get their hands on all of them.

While an official launch date hasn’t been announced, the brand did announce on Instagram that the entire collection will be available in early October. And thankfully early October = soon.

And now, the Halloween highlighters we’ve all been waiting for:

Hocus Pocus

We’re loving the spider web design, but loving the blend of purple, green and orange even more. Dressing like the Sanderson Sisters for Halloween? This shimmery blend will definitely add a little pizazz to your costume.


A white/gold base mixed into red gives the perfect “I’m bloody, but in a cute way” look.


“Toothache” because… CANDY CORN!

The Next Supreme

The gray/silver base with “mauvy purple and green” will make you look dead, but also SO ALIVE. Which is exactly what Halloween is all about.

These are so great, we may have to start using them year-round!

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