Halloween Special: Cute vs Gory! Two Tutorials

For these two Halloween looks, all you need is the contents of your make up bag and some fake blood…

So, Halloween is just around the corner and I thought this week I’d do two tutorials. One is a cute alternative to the generic cat costume, and the other is a typical gory Halloween look. Look number one is a completely fawntastic deer look. Very cute, very Bambi! The second look is a gory gouged eye tutorial. Bloody fantastic! So let’s get started…

Get the Bambi look!

1. This look starts out with a very ordinary make up base. Foundation and a big winged cat eye. Then using  contouring fan brush, apply a lot of bronzer (a matte one like Benefit Cosmetic’s Hula works best, but any will do!) Apply the bronzer in a stripe from the apples of the cheeks, up to the top of your ear. Then apply bronzer again to your forehead.

2. Take an eyeshadow brush, and some white cream face paint. Dip the handle end into the white face paint (white liquid eyeliner would work too!) Dot carefully on your cheeks and forehead.

3. Add a nose. I just used gel eyeliner (Bobbi Brown). Use an eyeliner brush to delicatly spot eyeliner around your top lip for some whiskers!

Now get the gory look!

1. Make an ‘eye patch’. I just cut out a circle of paper and coloured it black. Then bloody it up with fake blood.

2. Apply the patch to your eye using eyelash glue. Then add bits of cotton wool to the edges using eyelash glue.

3. The apply fake blood all over – over the paper patch, over the cotton wool, and down the face.

Tip: Layer the fake blood with some black make up (I haven’t done here, but it will make the blood look more ‘clotted’ and more gory!)

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Have a great Halloween!

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