This Halloween, these skull logs will turn your fireplace into the pits of Hell

Imagine: You’ve set up shop in a spooky home. The old house has an endearing creak humming through it. The wooden floors are littered with mice. There are cobwebs around every corner, and once you enter the living room, the pièce de résistance becomes visible. There, in the middle of the room, is a giant, extravagant fireplace…with skulls as firewood. No, this isn’t a nightmare — though the creepy house part may be — these are actually skull logs that can help transform your home into the eeriest one around. Perfect for all witches and ghouls this Halloween season, this creepy purchase will make for a chilling home centerpiece.


Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can have a human-sized skull log delivered to your door at your creepy convenience.

You can pick a white, black, dark grey, or brown option, so you can really match it to the rest of your home decor. The skull is shipped in two pieces (we’re assuming to avoid breaking) and once it arrives, you simply snap both pieces together for the ultimate horror look.


The best part? These bad boys are said to look even more realistic after burning.


And if you’re not in the mood for human remains, you can also order a demon skull. Featuring spine-chilling spiral horns, these are perfect for your next seance or bonfire. Although the human skulls cost $69.95 and the demon skull costs $99.95, it’s important to keep in mind that ceramic refractory logs can last a long time — like years. So you’re really getting the bang for your buck.


We want one of each, so we can really set the mood this Halloween.

We can’t wait to turn our home into a haunted house.

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