We’ve got your ultimate Halloween playlist right here

Remember when Pumpkin Spice Lattes came out of nowhere and we couldn’t believe October was already here? Well, somehow we’re already at the end of the month and the only thing scarier than Halloween is how quickly this holiday has arrived.

I mean, I want to be the person who preps and decorates and throws awesome parties, but sadly I am not. I have yet to even decide on a costume. Yeah, I know. Maybe I’ll be Leslie Knope again? Is there still time to buy candy in bulk? Am I just too late on everything? If I keep going at this rate, I’m sure I’ll look tired and frazzled enough to pull off the ghost look for tonight’s festivities. No costume needed!

No matter how prepared you are for this spook-tacular holiday, this playlist will get you in the mood to celebrate. Note: this is NOT a playlist for Halloween party music. This is a playlist to get you in a totally spooky mood (you know, without having to get all creeped out by actual ghost stories). Enjoy!

HelloGiggles: Spooky Stories

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