20 adorable ways to embarrass your pet this Halloween

It happened to all of us as kids: We were picked up from school on October 31st, dressed in obnoxiously cute Halloween costumes that we didn’t understand and subjected to a bunch of flash photography. Now we’re grown up and it’s time to turn the tables. . . on our pets. There are a million ways to turn cats and dogs into weird objects, effectively making them both more confused and more adorable at the same time. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at some of these options:

1) Cheeseburger

Buy it: PetSmart.com, $5

As easy as it would be to slap two buns on a dog or cat and call it a burger costume, you can also be a civilized human and buy one. It will stay on better and it won’t start attracting flies after a few hours.

2) Peacock

Buy it: Kohl’s, $35

Shake your tail feather!

3) Dorothy

Buy it: Dogtober, $31

What’s more is you can dress up like Toto and impress all your friends with your clever role-reversal.

4) Lion

Buy it: Amazon, $13

As a bonus, dressing your pet up in a lion suit permits you to hold up your pet to the sky at random intervals and start singing the song from Lion King.

5) Turkey

Buy it: CuteDogCostumes, $43

Give Thanksgiving the attention it deserves and dress your dog up in this cute turkey costume!

6) Any superhero

Buy it: CostumeHub, $14

You can never go wrong with a superhero costume.

7) Cow

Buy it: ValleyVet.com, $20

Just don’t try to milk any of your pets, for their sake. Please.

8) Pumpkin

Buy it: Wag.com, $14

If we can dress babies in pumpkin costumes, why not dogs or cats? Or guinea pigs? Exactly.

9) Hogwarts student

Buy it: Etsy, $15

“Professor, I don’t understand how you cast the “fetch” charm. Could you help?”

10) The Doctor

Buy it: Etsy, $65

This Halloween, turn your pet into a flying Tardis! Or, if you want to save some money, find a tweed jacket and a bow tie and call him the Doctor.

11) Cowboy

Buy it: Amazon, $15

“This house ain’t got enough biscuits for the two of us.”

12) Chef

Buy it: Costume Discounters, $17

13) Bert & Ernie

Buy it: Amazon, $25

Great for pairs of small dogs or two-headed pups looking to make use of their creative situation.

14) Hot dog

Buy it: Costume Super Center, $12

Works best with wiener dogs, for obvious reasons.

15) Turtle

Buy it: Poochie Heaven, $20

Dress your turtle in a turtle costume if you want to be meta and win all the Halloween costume contests.

16) Cat in the Hat

Buy it: Spirit Halloween, $15

The same rule from number 15 applies here, but with cats. Bonus points if you can get your pet to start talking in rhymes and wreaking havoc through suburban neighborhoods.

17) Hipster

This one’s more of a “do-it-yourself” kind of costume. Just stick a plaid shirt and glasses on your pet and give them a cup of herbal tea, and you’ve got yourself a regular hipster pup.

18) Waldo

Buy it: Costume Craze, $17

I’m not responsible if you lose your pet in this. Just putting that out there.

19) Winnie the Pooh

Buy it: Ebay, $8

Honey pot not included.

20) Nyan Cat

Buy it: ArtFire.com, $40

You can go high or low budget with this one. I personally prefer the latter, for entertainment purposes:

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