This viral Halloween makeup tutorial might actually give you nightmares

Halloween doesn’t just mean ghouls and ghosts. There’s a whole other kind of scary, and it’s been perfectly captured in YouTuber Promise Tamang‘s latest make-up tutorial. The artist, known for her eerily uncanny celebrity make-up looks, has made something equally as unnerving for the fall season: a trippy Halloween get-up where she literally draws on another face. It’s a two-headed monster like you’ve never seen it before.

She starts with eyebrows, using hair-like strokes to perfectly recreate everyone’s favorite feature — but this time on her cheekbones.

Then she starts on the eyes, going into excruciating detail perfecting the shading and sparkle of the new set of peepers that she’s drawn on her cheeks. She even puts fake lashes directly on the eyes that she’s drawn to really give it that 3D effect.

The nose would trip some people up, but not Promise. She decides to draw another set of nostrils just above her own. Already, your eyes are having trouble figuring out just what exactly is happening on her face, but she’s not done.

The final step is lips, which she’s chosen to draw on her chin. By the time she’s filled them in, you can’t tell what parts are drawn and what parts are real. All you know is that your head kind of hurts. It looks like she’s staring into a fun house mirror, or that she’s a photo that’s permanently glitched.

Either way, it’s a Halloween look we’ve never seen before, and that sometimes the spookiest things are the things that we just can’t figure out. This is evidenced by the reactions of passerbys, which Promise captures on camera as she drives around town. There are some laughs and a whole lot of double takes as people try to figure out what exactly it is they’re looking it, only to get a headache. Watch the video below, but maybe take an Advil or two first.

(Image via YouTube.)

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