This gorgeous oil slick skull makeup just gave us the perfect glam Halloween inspo

If you’re like us, you normally wait until the afternoon of October 31st to pick out your Halloween costume. Yikes! But this year is our year to scour the internet for inspiration and win that office holiday party. So of course, when we came across this sick, masterful skull makeup from Aisha Khan, we knew we found the perfect muse.

Khan combines several of our favorite things: bold colors, creative designs, and glitter – sooo much glitter! As Khan hilariously points out,

“Glitter is the devils work and once used it will never leave you everrrrrr 😑you will find it everywhere in your room, on your body and face and even deep down Into the crevices of your Black Soul.

In all fairness to glitter, if we can look even a smidge like Khan and her beautiful work, then a lifetime of glittery armpits and molars is well worth it!

And this video demonstrates just how much more impressive this look is from top to bottom.

If glitter isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Khan’s Instagram page does not lack for mind-blowing ideas. Check her out and let us know what glam, ghoulish idea sparks your fancy!

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