This woman transformed herself into an amethyst for Halloween, her look is a total gem

Of the many things that make Halloween awesome, from the candy to the movie marathons, dressing up in incredible costumes definitely takes the cake. From Heidi Klum’s out of this world get-ups to the raw talent displayed on Instagram, Halloween makeup is truly inspiring.

Dawn Dominick, a Seattle-based professional hair and makeup artist, may have had the coolest makeup look of them all. This past week, in anticipation for Halloween, Dominick posted photos of herself transformed into an amethyst, which is not only stunning, but is an incredibly original idea.

Check out the crystal clear (get it? ?) Instagram photo of Dominick as an amethyst:

The amethyst isn’t her only amazing look either. Based on her Instagram page, Dominick specializes in costume and cosplay makeup and we must say, every look featured is a total gem. We can barely put on mascara, let alone transform our faces into works of art.

The detail that goes into her makeup creations is beautiful.

Here she is as Aquaman from Justice League:

She even has a creation to support her favorite football team.

The Seattle Seahawks need to get her on the field, stat.

Her creations make us so envious of her talent but it’s clear how hard she works to put these lavish looks together:

We love how creative and diverse her makeup looks are. It’s clear that she not only has the passion to take the time to design these wonderful creations, she has the talent to be truly innovative.

Keep doing your thing Dawn. We can’t wait to see what (stone)ing look you create next.

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