This guy is single-handedly making Halloween light displays a thing

You might hear “light displays” and immediately think “Christmas,” but decking your house in full out holiday-cheer can be done for many other holidays, including Halloween. For the past few years, Brandon Bullis has been running his own spectacular Halloween light extravaganza, and it’s something you’ve really got to see to believe. Think, Clark Griswold, but Buills knows what he’s doing with thousands of tiny little LED lights. He strings them up, and then choreographs them to music. This is a true light SHOW.

Bullis runs Edward Landing Lights in Leesburg, Virginia, and he and his lights have been entertaining people all around the world. Hanging lights is one thing, but synchronizing them to music is another. And not just like, spooky-scary Halloween music, either. In 2012, he had his lights synchronized to “Gangnam Style,” 2013 was set to “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” (and LOL remember that song?) and 2014 included Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.”

So what’s in store for 2015? Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ latest single, “Downtown.”

As Bullis writes on his YouTube page, he’s got “8,500 lights and over 2,500 channels of computer animation” and it took him somewhere around 40 hours to program the 5 minute song. And that’s just one song. Edwards Landing Lights actually runs half hour light shows for two hours every single night. That’s a lot of programming, but it pays off because the end result is totally mesmerizing.

You can check out the light show to “Downtown” below, and if you happen to be near this lights, go and see them in person. The first night for the displays is tonight, and it’ll run every single night up until the 30th.

(Image via YouTube.)