This “Halloween” teaser photo of Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers will scare the bejeezus out of you

John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 film Halloween launched a franchise that changed American cinema. It also launched the career of a young actress named Jamie Lee Curtis. But it gets better: Halloween is coming back in 2018, and Curtis is part of the latest entry — and we just got another teaser photo.

This Halloween teaser photo of Curtis and Michael Myers is the perfect scare.

Early on October 31st, the legendary actress posted a photo to her Twitter account that will shock even the most fearless reader.

“Some wounds never heal,” Curtis wrote, laying side by side with the masked murderer that stalked her almost 40 years ago.”Michael and I will see you all next Halloween.” It’s an appropriately ominous tone, considering Curtis’ upper arm is sliced open and bleeding in the photo. Casual!

Not only is the franchiseofficiallygetting another entry, but we might have just gotten a hint that a certain A-list actor will be joining the cast of the latest installment (in theaters October 19th, 2018).

Zac Efron tweeted a photo that has us wondering if he’s involved with thefilm.

To be fair, this could mean that he’s really excited that Curtis is returning to Halloween. Maybe the dude is just a classic horror buff! However, the timing of the announcement — and Efron’s “On Michael Myers patrol” caption — definitely seems suspicious.

As exciting as this all is, it’s best not to let anyone’s imagination run away with itself. Knowing Curtis is returning to the Halloween franchise as Laurie Strode is enough. At least, for now.

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