In time for Halloween, James Gunn released his favorite horror films — and we’re getting nightmares just looking at this list

Just in time to get your spook on, James Gunn shared a list of his top 50 horror movies to Facebook. While we def have a list of Halloween go-tos (maybe it’s just Hocus Pocus over and over again, maybe it’s not), we always appreciate some expert suggestions. And James Gunn, of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, definitely qualifies as an expert when it comes to movies.

Ahead of the list, he wrote:

"In case you’re looking for some horror movies to watch in this Halloween season, here are a few of my favorites, in kinda-sorta order of preference. I of course am not including the movies I had a hand in, such as Slither, Dawn of the Dead, or The Belko Experiment. Those are films you should, obviously, watch first."

Real subtle, James.

He also added a caveat to his choices:

"And I should note, as usual, this is my list of FAVORITES. It does not mean these are the BEST. They are simply the horror films I get the most out of personally."

We can get behind that. Some of our favorite films are definitely not critical favorites — you never know what’s going to speak to you! We can’t wait to find out what from Gunn’s list that we haven’t seen speaks to us, and can’t wait to rewatch some of our old faves.

We can fit all these movies in before the end of October, right?

Check the full list on his Facebook post out below!

BRB, getting the nearest cuddle buddy to keep us from getting too scared (stuffed animals are fine) and going to (Halloween) town on this list.

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