Halloween Horror Nights just got even scarier, with a maze inspired by “The Purge”

Horror junkies will be happy to hear that Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights are totally here for you. They put up a bunch of great haunted houses and mazes every year, and they’re always looking to expand and improve.

So this year, they’ll be turning some of Blumhouse’s horror films/franchises — including The Purge! — into a spook-tacular attraction. If we’re listing off horror movies that we absolutely do not want to live inside of, The Purge is pretty high up there, which makes it the perfect film series to turn into a truly scary spectacle for Halloween.

But it’s not just The Purge in the maze!

The “Horrors of Blumhouse” attraction will feature a collection of frights from other Blumhouse horror films, like Happy Death Day and Sinister. (Insidious, meanwhile, will have a separate attraction.) Eeek!

Not only will the attraction feature familiar scares from the movies, but the creators worked off the shooting scripts for Happy Death Day (in theaters October 13th) and Insidious: The Last Key (due January 5th), rather than the finished films, which means there might be more surprises than we bargained for.

"Inevitably, there'll be things we end up with that may not even be in the final film, but that's part of the fun," John Murdy, creative director at Universal Studios Hollywood and executive producer of Halloween Horror Nights, told The Hollywood Reporter. "This is like the ultimate trailer for the movie."

And of course Jason Blumhouse, founder of the (in)famous production company, is excited about this maze, which is going to be the largest, most involved maze in Halloween Horror Nights’ 20+ year history.

"I really thought it would be fun to do a handful of our movies and do a maze. I talked to John about it and it really came alive. We tried to pick movies that would really lend themselves to live scares."

Here’s a bit more from Blum himself:


Looks like a good time! And by good time, we mean YIKES. But, like, the good kind of yikes.