4 Iconic Halloween Hairstyles You Can Rock and How to Get Them Right

From a barb wire bouffant to a set of spicy pigtails, these styles are easy to tease and sure to please.

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Pop culture figures have long been a popular costume choice on the spookiest night of the year. When you get to be someone else for just one night, why not be someone you admire (or maybe someone you love to hate)?

There are infinite possibilities — from the cringeworthy red-carpet moments (like Lady GaGa’s infamous meat dress) to the endless possibilities inspired by the Kardashians alone — there’s no shortage of stars you can emulate.

Or, you can take the easy way out and be the iconic “stressed out mom,” complete with messy top bun and mismatching PJs, or “weekend binge watcher,” which only entails a ponytail, a matching sweatsuit and some popcorn for a prop.

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But anyone who’s ever celebrated Halloween by donning a celeb-inspired get-up knows that it’s all about the details. It’s not just about nailing said celeb’s specific style, it’s also about the (sometimes iconic) hairstyle to go with it. And thanks to us, you don’t have to be a professional to get the ‘do just right.

Here are 4 iconic Halloween hairstyles you can blow, brush, spray and tease your way to on October 31st.

1. Pamela Anderson’s Viral barb wire hair

Bombshell Pam Anderson has long been a fan favorite for playing dress up on Halloween, from her 90s ‘Baywatch’ days with the iconic red swimsuit, right up until today. The star recently went viral for the bouffant she rocked in the 1995 movie “Barb Wire.” It’s an easy costume to DIY since all you need to complete the look (besides big hair) is a black leather corset.

“In true Pam fashion, I used classic Velcro rollers in two different sizes, larger on top and medium through the sides and back, to set the hair,” says celebrity hairstylist, BarryLee Moe, the lead stylist for Hulu’s Pam & Tommy series.

“Let the hair fully cool before releasing the rollers and then backcomb at the root to create a voluminous foundation,” he adds.

From there, Moe advises smoothing out the top and securing the height before breaking up the rest of the curls to create definition and bounce.

“The final step in this look is to piece out the bangs with hairspray for that perfect fringe and add a healthy coating of a glossing spray like this one by UNITE, for the ultimate shine and long-lasting hold for all day/night wear.”

2. Britney Spears’ ‘Oops, I Did It Again’ hair

With Brit continuously making headlines for more than two decades, it comes as no surprise that people want to dress up like her. One iconic look simply entails a red catsuit (like this one) and a Y2K part-down-the-middle hairdo.

While the finished look may seem sleek, it actually entails a bit of teasing to get it right. Professional stylist Patricia Lansingh suggests applying a setting lotion like UNITE’s Blow and Set on damp hair from root to ends to shape and sculpt.

Then, follow by “rough-drying” hair upside down to get the most volume and lift at the roots.

Next, use a round brush as you blow dry to smooth everything out. Once dry and blown out, use a volumizing powder at the roots to hold the tease (try this one from Big, Sexy Hair).

Finish with two small rubber bands to lock down the sides and tie underneath the hair, and use your palms to dab on a finishing cream to tame any flyaways. Of course, if you don’t have Brit’s long blonde locks, you can always get an inexpensive wig like this one.

3. Euphoria Stars

With the HBO show Euphoria totally trending for its creative makeup looks, it’s easy to see why people would want to recreate them on Halloween. Channel your inner Maddy with this easy-to-recreate hairstyle that requires just two products and, of course, colorful gems and eyeshadow.

Even better, this hairstyle will work for a number of different hair textures, colors, and lengths.

To get the look, celebrity hairstylist Becca Mader starts by creating a crisp middle part and sections off one-to-two-inch face-framing pieces.

Tie the remaining portion of your hair back and generously spray a flexible-hold hairspray (Try Helmet Head from Chi) to smooth and tuck the pieces behind your ears. Secure these pieces with an elastic band at the nape of your neck for a budge-proof hold.

Then, take a 1.5” barrel and curl the ends of your hair under and apply a glossing spray all over for a high-shine finish and to tame flyaways. Add your favorite color gemstones around your hairline, and you’re good to go!

4. Baby Spice pigtails

Baby Spice

With the Spice Girls reuniting, we are crazy over the nostalgia it brings and the playful looks the group used to rock back in the day — especially Baby Spice and her iconic pigtails.

To achieve the style, hair color and wig expert Daved Anthony Munoz suggests a texturizing spray to add volume, texture, and fullness, before splitting your hair into two even portions and tying.

Next, apply a styling cream to smooth dry and damaged ends and add high shine that will last all night. Don’t forget to add some cute pom poms to your pigtails to complete the look!

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