15 Halloween fairy lights that will be the only piece of decor you need this season

If you’re as obsessed with Halloween as we are, then you’ve already unboxed all your spooky decor and have scattered it throughout the house prior to the fall chill even hitting the air. Before you put the finishing touches on your creepy-cool seasonal decorating, though, take a good look at these Halloween fairy lights. We have a feeling any one of these light strands will put a spooky spark into your usual annual design.

So start prepping for that Halloween party of the century and ready yourself to scare the pants off trick-or-treaters. Let us light the way to perfecting your Halloween aesthetic.

1Hyde and Eek! Boutique Novelty Silhouette String Lights ($11.99/6 ft.)


To turn your living room into the haunted forest of your nightmares.

2Yunlights Ghost String Lights ($9.99/set of 40)


You won’t even need any guests at your Halloween party this year when you have these happy ghosts hanging around. They’re so fun and always down to hang.

3Northlight Mini Halloween Lights ($13.93/set of 100)


Keep it simple, my ghouls.

4FCHO LED Skeleton String Lights ($13.99/set of 10)


Make no bones about it — these green skeletons are as spooky as heck!

5Domire LED Bat String Lights ($5.89/set of 20)


Your trick-or-treaters will go batty for these blue LED bat lights. Get it? Batty? Okay, bye.

6Lidore Pumpkin String Lights ($16.99/8 ft.)


They’re laughing, they’re crying, they’re the life of the party!

7Green Rope Lights ($10.50/set of 3)


The missing ingredient from your arsenal of potions.

8Hyde and Eek! Boutique Spider Flicker Flame Jar Lights ($14.99/8 ct.)


No spiders were harmed in the making of these lights.

9FCHO Skeleton Hand String Lights ($10.99/set of 10)


Hey, can you hands give us a hand in lighting up the room? Thanks, hands.

10Hyde and Eek Boutique! Eyeball Icicle String Lights ($11.99/5.9 ft.)


They say you’ve got eyes on the back of your head. But now you can keep an eye on your guests with eyes hanging from the ceiling.

11Hyde and Eek! Boutique Flickering Skull Lights ($19.99 / 10ct.)


These little beauties are understated yet unnerving — the perfect combination of adjectives, in our opinion.

12Noma/Inliten Black Bulb String Lights ($15.99/set of 25)


One of the best ways to make your guests feel on edge is to light a room with black bulbs. Everyone looks scarier when under a black light. It’s a fact.

13Hyde and Eek! Boutique LED Bird Cage Lights ($13.99 / 10ct.)


Every witch needs a familiar, and with this set of lights, you can have 10!

14Impress Life Black Cat LED String Lights ($9.99/set of 40)


We don’t believe that black cats are unlucky. In fact, black cats are the light of our lives.

15Hyde and Eek! Boutique Metal Raven Lights ($143.99/10 ct.)


Send a raven to all your friends — you’re throwing a bash and it’s going to be lit.

May your Halloween holiday be merry and bright thanks to one (or all) of these spook-tacular fairy light sets. Stay spooky, and if you are planning that Halloween party of the century, please send us an invite.

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