Actually, this “Emperor’s New Groove” couples costume won Halloween 2016

We’ve seen a lot of great Halloween costumes over the last few days, and now it’s time to go ahead and crown the ~winner~ of Halloween 2016.

No, unfortunately there is no prize, just lots of bragging rights until 2017, and knowing that the internet has deemed your costume *the best*. So who won 2016? It’s not a celebrity, and it’s not David S. Pumpkins

We’re going to go ahead and declare this Kronk and Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove as the winners of Halloween 2016, and they completely deserve it.

Breanna Mclean shared this picture on her Instagram, showing  her and her husband, Derek, on Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy at Disneyland during one of Mickey’s Halloween Parties (aka, you can go to the park, in costume, and get lots of candy). While their Emperor’s New Groove costumes are certainly spot on, it’s really their facial expressions that make the whole picture. They *perfectly* match the same expressions of Kronk and Yzma during the same scene in the movie — you know, the scene where Kronk pulls the wrong lever.

Just like in the movie, Yzma does not want to put her hands in the air, even after Kronk tries to egg her on. The only thing that could make this better would be if they got off of Ghost Galaxy and put on lab coats.


Oh wait, it actually does get better, because it looks like returning home, the couple kept Kronk and Yzma alive, and then dressed their dog up as Emperor Kuzco (the dog’s name is Todd, in case you need to know).

So much YES to all of this, but here comes the tough part: Now Brenna and Derek now have 365 days to figure out how to top this Kronk and Yzma look.

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