This Halloween Decor Project Is Going Viral—And You Can Make It Today

Create this adorable AF ghost garland in an hour!

Is it ever possible to have too many Halloween decorations? Absolutely not. There are so many fun and spooky trends this year, from Home Depot’s larger-than-life skeleton to Party City’s 5 ft poseable skeleton and Michaels Crafts’ Happy Hallow shopping section. Add some graveyard décor, and you’ll be perfectly on-trend!

While anyone can buy spooky holiday décor, making your own by hand can be even more fun and rewarding. In particular, there is one homemade Halloween decor project that’s going viral—and you can make it today! Blogger Emily Price of The Price Adventure has created these amazing Ghost Garlands that are easy, affordable, customizable, and can be completed in under one hour. Even better, once you’ve mastered this technique, you can create different color combos for occasions well beyond Halloween, like birthdays and other celebrations.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to make Price’s cute Ghost Garlands (which you can hang anywhere!). And, if you get addicted to DIY, be sure to check out these other great Halloween decoration ideas you can make at home.

ghost garland
Courtesy of Emily Price / The Price Adventure

Supplies for Ghost Garlands:

  • Two colors of yarn
  • Scissors
  • A book or piece of cardboard


  • Googly eyes
  • Black Construction paper, hole punch and hot glue gun
  • Pom Poms
  • Mini pom-poms
  • Beads

Step One:

Ghost Garland Step 1
Courtesy of Emily Price / The Price Adventure

Wrap yarn around the width of a book about 35-50 times. If you don’t have a book, a piece of cardboard roughly the length and width of a book. Cut the yarn but leave it wrapped on the book.

Step Two:

Gather the top of the yarn. Cut a small piece of yarn about 10 inches. Loop the small piece of yarn through the top of the bundle and tie in a knot. This is the loop you will use to string your ghost onto a garland or hang it from anywhere you choose! Now, carefully slide your ghost off the book.

Step Three:

Ghost Garland Step 3
Courtesy of Emily Price / The Price Adventure

Cut another small piece of yarn about 10 inches. Tie this piece around the bundle of yarn about a ¼ from the top. This creates the ghost’s head. Depending on the look you are going for, use the same color as the body or a contrasting color. White or orange ghosts with a black neck are classic choices for Halloween, but just about any color combo—or going monochromatic—looks great.

Optional: To give your ghost’s head more definition, you can insert a pom-pom, but this isn’t necessary to have a great-looking ghost. If you are planning on handing your ghosts out at Halloween, insert a pom-pom into the head before tying off the neck.

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Step Four:

Ghost garland step 4
Courtesy of Emily Price / The Price Adventure

Insert your scissors through the loop of yarn at the bottom and snip. This creates the fringe for the ghost’s body.

Step Five:

Create your ghost’s eyes using your favorite technique. If you don’t have any additional supplies, simply cut two small pieces of yarn, and tie them around pieces of yarn on the ghost’s head.

Optional: If you want to take your project to the next level, use a hot glue gun to attach mini pom-poms for the eyes. Or, use a hole punch to cut out small circles to glue on. You can also add a nose!

Step Six:

Ghost Garland step 6
Courtesy of Emily Price / The Price Adventure

String your ghosts on a long piece of yarn to create a garland (optional: For a boho twist, add beads between your ghosts). And that’s it! Hang it anywhere in your home for a chic, adorable take on DIY Halloween decor.

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