Halloween costumes you only need eyeliner to create

Sometimes it feels like every year Halloween gets bigger, flashier, and more expensive. Sure you love dressing up (who doesn’t?), but you don’t want to blow your budget on a costume that will only be worn once. Luckily, there are Halloween costumes that only require eyeliner. Yes — we’re serious! It’s an inexpensive, fun, and creative way to get in the holiday spirit — and all you’ll need is one handy tool you probably already have in your makeup stash.

So in the spirit of a low-maintenance good time, we’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween looks that you merely need a good-old-fashioned eyeliner pencil to rock. There are some seriously great tutorials out on the interwebs on how to transform yourself with just a little makeup, and we’re ready to take full advantage!

1Vampire, cat, or skeleton


Not sure which look really sums up your Halloween aesthetic? Then you’ll love this tutorial, which offers three classic costume options: a vampire, cat, or skeleton. The instructions are easy, and all the tools you’ll need are listed. You’ll wow you friends with your makeup skills (and won’t have to worry about any complicated costumes).

2The masquerade


Want to go for something elegant and mysterious but still fun? This tutorial is right up your alley. You can create your own costume masquerade look with a single eyeliner shade. The intricate details will impress your friends, and you can pair it with any fancy dress already in your closet.

3Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”


This one requires a bit of prep work, but the results are totally worth it! If you loved Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas as much as we did, you’ll go gaga for this fantastic tutorial that lets you emulate his look. The main focus is the eyeliner, which shows off its versatility. Slip on a pair of skinny black jeans, a white top and black jacket, and you’re ready to ring in the season.

4A super simple bat


Want to get into the spirit of things but not have to worry about an entire ensemble? Maybe it’s time to get a little batty. Accentuate your eyes with these fun winged buddies for a look that screams Halloween but doesn’t require too much work.

5A witch


If you’re feeling your inner witch this season, this tutorial provides great inspiration for a gothic look that’s relatively low-maintenance. You can go advanced and follow all the steps, or stick the the basics of dark lips and eyeliner. Pair the makeup look with your favorite black wardrobe pieces and you’ll be ready for a part in American Horror Story: Coven.

6Betty Boop


You love Halloween, but you’d rather be chic than spooky? Not a problem; channel the immortal style of cartoon icon Betty Boop with this fun and playful style. If you don’t naturally have her signature hair look you may need to invest in a wig, but the real star of this costume is the over-dramatic eyebrows and ruby red lips.

7A work of 2D art


Still can’t decide on a costume? How about a walking work of art? You’ll look like you stepped out of the pages of a classic comic with this tutorial, which is remarkably easy for such a cool concept. You can use eyeliner to amp up your everyday look, or follow the steps exactly for a more dramatic effect. Comics have never looked so cool.

So there you have it — genuinely creative costumes that require almost no real prep. Cheers to that!

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