15 Halloween costumes for lazy people (hey, no judgment, we respect your lifestyle)

Much as we love Halloween, we don’t love all of the hard work that often goes into costumes. Certainly it’s satisfying to spend weeks preparing and designing and building your perfect costume, but frankly…who has the time? If your schedule is jam packed as is or you’re simply lazy as hell (we say with empathy, not judgment), keeping up with your friends’ ambitious costume plans can be exhausting just to think about. But fear not, fam, we’re here for you.

We’ve rounded up our top 15 favorite Halloween costumes that require ALMOST NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER to assemble. That’s right, guys. Putting most of these costumes together might not even require you to leave your Netflix long enough to get to the store. And all of them are, at the very least, punny enough to make your friends groan — and hey, while they’re rolling their eyes at how corny you are, you know what they’re NOT doing? Berating you for not dressing up.

So here you go. 15 stupid-easy ways to get the most out of your Halloween by putting the least possible into it.

1. Regina George

2. A ceiling fan


3. A nudist (on strike)


4. Identity theft


5. A ghost (or the slightly more advanced ghost emoji)

6. Shia Labeouf on the red carpet


7. A sim!

8. A fork in the road

9. A tourist

10. Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

11. A webpage error

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12. Facebook


13. An emoji


14. Risky Business


15. Rosie the Riveter


So go forth, friends whose patronuses were almost definitely sloths, and enjoy your holiday.