Here’s what Halloween candy you’d be, based on your zodiac sign

As All Hallow’s Eve approaches at the speed of a jack o’ lantern’s light, we can’t help but have a certain subject on our minds: the sweet taste of Halloween CANDY. Though we may no longer be knocking on doors while exclaiming “Trick or treat!”, that doesn’t mean we don’t love to nom on the occasional (okay, not so occasional) piece of candy. That got us thinking – which candy would we become if an astrological witch cast a treat-based transfiguration spell on us? Let’s look to the stars, with the help of the phenomenal astrologer Jessica Adams, to find out…



In the name of all things love and friendship, you tend to put others before yourself. No matter what the circumstances, your humanitarian nature will shine through as you get to thinking about how you can benefit those around, how you can share what you have with others. That’s why, when perusing through the candy aisle, we can picture you saying “Sharing is caring!” while grabbing a bag of Dum Dums! These lollipops aren’t only perfect for enjoying a sweet treat with others – each one is also just as unique and lovely as you are.



Your desire to escape reality and travel to a fantastical land can be seen in almost everything you do. That’s because your artistic sensibilities are a key part of who you are – especially since your imagination is constantly flourishing within you. With this in mind, we have a feeling that you approach Halloween candy with such as question: What will transport my taste buds to an eclectic world of flavor? As for us, we’re thinking Skittles are the perfect fit for you, the type of person who wants to taste the rainbow at all times.



If we were to go into battle with a horde of ghouls and goblins, we’d want you to lead the way. That’s because your courage and confidence can’t be beat. Yes, you have fears (such as perpetual boredom), but that doesn’t stop you from getting up in the morning and tackling your to-do list. In fact, if everyone else is afraid to try something new or to pave a path, you’re more than ready to do it. You’re essentially the Pop Rocks of the candy world – energetic and enthusiastic with just a touch of a temper. And if someone were to challenge you to candy eating competition, you definitely wouldn’t say no (and you’d likely win, too!).



If someone’s out there looking for stability in a world of chaos, they might as well be looking at you. I mean, you are basically a lighthouse of reliability, patience, and practicality. Yet, at the same time, there’s part of you that lies on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. In other words: You work hard and play hard with all the beautiful things in this world. If you were a candy, you’d have a colorful candy coating with a simple, chocolatey interior. So yeah, you’d be a bag of M&Ms, getting the bang for your buck and zero fuss along with it.



You are a work of opposites, Gemini, mainly because you are easily bored and tend to rebel against consistency. Essentially, you’re hot and cold, up and down, light and dark – switching between your personality traits on a day-to-day basis. Some would even say you’re sweet, salty, and savory all at the exact same time. This has us feeling like you’d be a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, a classic candy that can be a little bit fun or slightly more serious depending on the day. Plus, you get the best of both worlds. Because who doesn’t love it when peanut butter and chocolate party together?



Though they may feel like a curse, your emotions are actually more of a superpower. That’s because your feelings give you depth, allowing you to be sympathetic to those around you. Now, if you were to suddenly transform into a certain breed of candy, you’d for sure be the most emotional treat out there. And what’s that, you ask? Sweethearts, of course! Okay, now whoever says these are only for Valentine’s Day has no idea what they’re talking about. Honestly, no matter what the time of year, we could always use a Cancer-esque pick-me-up in the form of some confections that (literally) speak a thousand words.



From the moment you wake up to the minute you fall asleep and head to Dreamland, you belong on a stage. (And yes, you could pull it off  no matter the time of day.) Thanks to your creative spirit, the spotlight loves you and your cheerful spirit. Since you never fail to make those around you smile, we’re thinking you’d need to be a candy that does the same. How about a bag  of ever-vibrant Jelly Belly beans? Not only does this mean you’d be a multifaceted candy, it also proves that with you in their lives, anyone and everyone can easily have a good time.



Though you may not be the center of attention, that doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to offer the group. In fact, the opposite is true. With caution, attention to detail, and kindness on your side, the group wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without you. In other words, though you may seem a bit closed-off on the surface, you’re a powerhouse on the inside – much like a bar of Toblerone. Each dollop of honey and piece of almond nougat is carefully placed, much like everything in your life. And as for the chocolate on the outside, it balances everything out just like your practicality.



Although you may curse your indecisiveness, you must take a moment to realize that it represents something far greater about your personality. Since you crave peace and harmony in the world, making snap decisions or choosing between extremes does not feel part of your flow. That’s exactly why you’re great at forming partnerships, at sharing. So, when we take a look at all these qualities and get thinking about candy, what we get is a classic: Hershey’s Kisses. Not only are these perfect for you to divvy out, they’re also simple, fair, and as harmonious as can be.



If you’re not in control, then something must be wrong. We say that because your intensity has the power to launch a thousand ships, to turn the blue sky black. Yes, you have a certain power within you, one that shows your passion and desirability. Now, if you were to use your influence to turn yourself into a candy of sorts, you’d instantly become a Peppermint Patty. This treat is made of a bracing peppermint filling beautifully enrobed in dark chocolate. It’s a little bit dark, a little bit lovely, and packs a whole lotta power.



If you value anything above all else, it’s freedom. You want the freedom to not only be yourself, but to be yourself at all times and in all places. This explains why you hate to be held back by all types of obstacles – physical, emotional, mental, metaphorical, the works. Taking this into account, we can’t imagine you vibing with a candy that’s messy, crumbly, or covered in chocolate that can easily melt all over you. So why not Starburst? They’re wrapped, have multiple flavors to fit your every mood, and they can easily be thrown into a bag while you’re on-the-go. You’ll surely never be bored when dealing with what these candies have to offer.



If someone closest to you were to name the first thing they noticed about you, it would likely be your serious nature. Yet, beneath your poker-face there are many layers. There’s the fact that you are epitome of self-control, responsibility, and independence. Mixed in, there’s also a bit of pessimism that keeps you tethered down to earth. Without a doubt, if someone were to cast a spell to turn you into a sweet treat, you’d become a Twizzler. One can’t go wrong with this classic, no-frills candy – especially since it’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t contain any unexpected surprises.

You can learn more about the extraordinary Jessica Adams here. On her website, you can also read her horoscopes, peruse her astrology blog, and even purchase one of her books.

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