This Halloween cake design was inspired by a dry brush nail design and it’s as stunning as it sounds

Traditionally, candy gets all the Halloween food shine, but thanks to this strangely hypnotic Halloween cake decorating video, we’re all about the cake, cake, cake, cake. For reasons beyond human comprehension, the video of this unique cake adornment will completely lure you in and before you know it, you’ll be saying RIP to your to-do list.

As Cosmpolitan reported, the Halloween cake video was shared on Instagram by Chelsey White of @chelssweets whose bio reads, “NYC butter-loving baker.” Apparently, we aren’t the only ones struggling to resume normal life duties after watching the video because it’s racked up over a million views and counting.

As it turns out, the holiday-themed dessert is called “Cobweb cake” and it’s inspired by a nail art technique called dry brushing. So, creating food to match your nails sounds a little odd, but it’s perfect for Halloween and the results are undeniably stunning.

White and her nail artist friend Taryn Multack did a YouTube tutorial that explains how to achieve the cobweb nail and cake looks and needless to say we’re obsessed with it. The strangely soothing frost-smearing starts around the 3:00 minute mark:

OK, so we think we’ve discovered the one thing that might stop us from watching this on repeat: the recipe for White’s vanilla layer cake that was shown in the clip.