This transgender man’s beautiful tribute to his mom brings out all our feels

Get your box of tissues set and get ready to have the awesomest of cries.

Hallmark, a company known for products that skew schmaltzy, has put together a genuine and sincere social media campaign entitled #PutYourHeartToPaper in which they ask their subjects to talk about the most important person in their life without using standard phrases like “I love you” and “Thank you.” The idea is that when you don’t have the word “love” to rely on, you’re really forced to describe the specificity of your relationship with this most important person in your life.

Thusfar, the campaign has been impressively LGBTQ friendly. For Valentine’s Day, they featured Eugenia and Corinna, an awesomely loving same-sex couple, and now, for Mother’s Day, Hallmark is featuring Alex, a transgender man, and his gratitude for his mother Pam, whom he describes as “the most light, bright, positive person in his life.”

“I’ve never felt home in my body, and even though I was born a girl, I’ve always felt like I was a boy,” Alex explains. “And I was afraid to tell her because I thought love would have conditions. And the unconditional love that she’s shown has made me a better person in all of my relationships.”

When asked how Alex could tell his mom he loved her without using the word “love,” he had this to say:

“I would like to say to my mom that she’s the strongest, most wonderful person I know and I am who I am because of who she is and who she’s been to me.”

As Alex speaks to the camera, he doesn’t realize that his mom is actually watching the feed in another room. At the end she reveals herself and embraces her son and whispers just the most beautiful sentiment in his ear.

All right, it’s time to watch a video and cry all over our keyboards, let’s do this.

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