Halle Berry says she’s never had a birthday party, and is it cool if we throw her one?

Blueberries and raspberries don’t stand the test of time. But Halle Berry does. Though somehow, she’s never celebrated it. The Kingsman: The Golden Circle actress broke the news to reporters yesterday at Comic-Con, and we are SCREAMING in shock and terror!

That’s right: goddess of the universe, aka Halle Berry, has never once had a birthday party. How is this possible?!

If anyone deserves a birthday party, it’s Berry. She won an Oscar in 2002, she proves every day that women can do anything at any age, AND she wears an awesome shirt that says “no more boyfriends” on it. What more does a woman have to do to get a birthday party?!

This is a call to action for us gather together to throw Berry — who turns 51 on August 14th — the biggest, baddest birthday party that’s anyone’s seen.

As for why she’s never had a birthday party, Berry explained to E News, “It’s just something I do for my kids.” Okay, so maybe when she hears the words “birthday party” she automatically associates it with bounce houses, sugary cake, and loud screaming children everywhere, so she chooses to opt out.

Maybe we need to just show her how fun adult birthday parties can be.

Who are we kidding? Halle Berry knows how fun birthday parties are. She’s the queen of fun!

While she doesn’t celebrate her own day of birth, she celebrates being a mother and makes sure to pamper herself on Mother’s Day each year. “That’s the day I take credit for…I work so hard as a mom!” the actress continued.

While we’re glad she’s taking the time to appreciate herself in someway, we would still really like to throw her a birthday party to celebrate her own life. After all, she has an amazing outlook on aging that one would think makes celebrating another year on earth all the more important.

"As I've gotten older I realize that age is just a number, it doesn't define me. It doesn't define my happiness or what I can and can't do as I get older."

She’s so right. Still, think of how fun her 51st birthday party could be! It could be James Bond-themed, or maybe superhero themed (she was Catwoman, after all). It could even be Flintstones-themed! As long as it’s something.

Get ready for your birthday party, Ms. Berry. It’s going to be epic.