And Just Like That, Halle Berry’s Oscars Bob Is No More

She got us good with that micro bob.

Halle Berry really pulled one over on us. Mere hours before attending the Oscars on April 25th, Berry teased her Instagram followers with a picture of what appeared to be her locks of honey brown hair on the floor of the salon. She later showed up to the live event with a super-modern cheek-length bob and micro bangs. The look divided her fanbase into those who loved it and those who loathed it—but in the end, the argument didn’t matter. It was a wig all along.

Oscar bob…just kidding, Berry captioned a selfie taken on May 1st. Her wavy locks are back in action.

“So glad that was a wig—your natural hair is gorgeous,” one fan commented on Berry’s post. “Of course! I didn’t believe it for a second!” another added.

And some of Berry’s fans backed up the bob. “I can’t understand why people tripped so hard,” one person wrote. “Don’t they know they don’t get a vote? Personally I loved it, edgy and super cute.” And another fan commented, “Some people were being really negative about the bob!
LIL DID THEY KNOW! SHE COULD PULL ANY LOOK OFF…” Truer words have never been spoken.

The bob was crafted by Berry’s hairstylist Sara Seward, who posted the same tease to her Instagram feed—Berry’s hair on the cutting room floor, so to speak. Berry and Seward got us good and caused a little positive chaos on Oscars night.

Though the bob was just a temporary accessory, it’s still sitting on our summer inspiration board, taunting us to chop it all off. Maybe we, too, need to invest in a wig for a trial run.

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