Halle Berry’s Approach to Beauty is to Put Her Best, Natural Face Forward

"Makeup can become a crutch and way to hide."

In a world where every thought, action, and photo can be edited and perfected on screen, it can be hard to tell the difference between what’s real and fake. While social media can certainly be fun, it can also make us feel insecure after scrolling through photos of people with smooth skin, pearly white teeth, and zero flyaways. So, when a major celebrity, such as Halle Berry, speaks out about the importance of embracing your real, makeup-free face, it’s an encouraging reminder that natural beauty should be celebrated. 

The Cat Woman star recently teamed up with Finishing Touch Flawless for the launch of its newest skincare tools and spoke to HelloGiggles over Zoom about all things beauty—including her thoughts on facial hair, her skincare must-haves, and why she’s opting to put her natural face forward.

Right now, we live in an interesting time. On one hand, we’re fed radical self-love and on the other, we’re constantly fed filters that make us look more like the European beauty standard. (Thanks, Instagram.) Lately, many beauty brands are leaning toward the self-love side and are encouraging people to embrace their so-called flaws, such as body hair. When asked about the latter, Berry encourages people to do what makes them feel best. “Keeping or removing hair is such an individual choice, and it’s one we all have a right to make,” she tells HelloGiggles. Currently, she likes removing her facial hair with the Flawless Instant and Painless Facial Hair Remover, a hair removal tool which works by using a spinning technology that sweeps away hairs of varying length without causing irritation, bumps, or accidental nicks.


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Another skincare product that keeps Berry’s complexion so beautiful, bright, and glowing is a powerful vitamin C serum. “I think vitamin C is a miracle [ingredient] for all skin,” she says. As a self-proclaimed “serial vitamin C user,” she uses it twice a day—in her morning and evening routine—as a way to nourish and brighten her skin. 

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While she’s all about skincare, when it comes to makeup, Berry says she’s a less is more kind of person. “I haven’t done much makeup during this pandemic,” she shares. “I’ve been more natural and have focused on maintaining healthy skin. I love makeup and experimenting with it, but as you age, I think less makeup serves you well.” One makeup product that she can’t live without, though, is brown mascara as she says it creates a softer look than black formulas while still enhancing her eyes.

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This laidback relation to makeup is more than just surface-level for Berry: “We sometimes cover our natural selves with too much makeup, and it can become a crutch and way to hide,” she explains. “A goal of mine is to be comfortable putting my best face forward, and my best face is my real, natural face.”

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