Halle Berry talking about life after divorce gives us hope for bad breakups everywhere

Chances are, you’ve had a bad breakup at some point in your life. Well, you’re not alone, and Halle Berry just talked to Extra about life after divorce, which gives hope to those of us who have had our hearts broken.


As you may know, last year, Berry filed for divorce from Olivier Martinez.

But now?

I just feel happy, you know? she said to Extra. “I’ve arrived at a really good place once again, that’s always good news. Down time, dark times, don’t last forever — the sun is out again and it feels great.


Aww. We are so happy Berry’s happy, because breakups are the worst.

ICYMI, Berry still sees Martinez in terms of their children, Nahla, 8, and Maceo, 3, such as going on family trips together, reported People.

Now we admire her even more — if that’s even possible!

After all, she’s always been a ~big~ rolemodel in our eyes.

On top of which, she also seems like a really great mother, whether she’s getting in the Halloween spirit…

Or whether she’s wishing her son a happy birthday.

And, speaking of birthdays, Berry had one back in August — she turned 50.

What did she do for the occasion?

“I was with my family, people I loved, it was a really good day, she told Extra. “I’ve never defined myself by that number, so it was a really good day. Later, regarding how fast time goes by, she added, “Time stops for no one, nothing.

We hear that.

We’ll also see her on screen again in the thriller Kidnap in December 2016. She also just did a cameo in Kevin Hart’s new standup movie, Kevin Hart: What Now? — and we can’t wait.

So, moral of the story? Keep on living life — and know that you’ll come through to the other side, just like Berry did. #MovingOnGoals, amirite?!