Madame Tussauds dropped a savage tweet to completely burn Disney’s new Trump animatronic

Walt Disney World’s long-standing Hall of Presidents has been closed for nearly a year, but it just reopened with a brand new addition, Donald Trump, and honestly…it isn’t their best.

The animatronic figure of President Donald Trump was unveiled at the Hall of Presidents grand reopening earlier in the week, and immediately, attendees saw that something was a *bit* off — like, that the new figure was not the most flattering and looked almost nothing like our current president. The presentation, which features animatronic figures of all forty-four U.S. presidents — Grover Cleveland served non-consecutive terms as President making him the 22nd and 24th President — recounts the history of the presidency and includes a speech from the current president.

As animatronic Trump took center stage, all eyes were on him — for better and certainly for worse.


Here’s a closer look:


Oh dear. This is pretty cringeworthy.

Naturally, Madame Tussaud’s Orlando, famous for its wax figures of notable people and celebrities — including Trump — couldn’t resist poking fun at Trump’s Hall of Presidents figure — a mere half hour from them in the sunshine state. Using their own wax figure of the president, which certainly resembles him more, the wax museum took to Twitter to share their own thoughts on the new Trump in the only way we communicate in this day in age: memes.


But Madame Tussauds was far from alone when it came to roasting the truly unfortunate animatronic figure. Always ready for a laugh, Twitter was abuzz with jokes about the newest addition to the Hall of Presidents — comparing it to everything from Jon Voight and Hillary Clinton to an aged Chucky doll and Mrs. Doubtfire.



For those brave enough to enter the newly re-opened Hall of President and take a closer look at animatronic Trump yourself, power to you. You’ll also be able to hear animatronic Trump’s speech, which The Hill reported centers on the Constitution and “achievement of the American spirit.”