Lots of people are freaking out about The Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World

If you’ve ever been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you know that you that you’re going to do lots of walking, it will be very hot, and after a while you’re going to need to take a break and maybe take a nap. When it’s time sit down for a while, if you’re in the Magic Kingdom you’re going to b-line to Liberty Square’s Hall of Presidents. It’s an 23-minute attraction, perfect for nap time sitting back and relaxing for a little bit. It also offers a huge douse of American history, because every sitting president is inside, recreated via audio-animatronic!

And with the 2016 Presidential Election now done and over with (*breathes huge sigh of relief*) it now means that Disney has to get started on constructing a new robot of President Elect Donald Trump.

All along, in the back of our Disney-phile minds, we had been quietly worrying thinking about the prospect of Trump in the Hall of Presidents (or, as it’s known around Magic Kingdom, “HoP”). Now, it is in fact a reality, and for many it is a hard one to swallow.

As if you couldn’t already tell where this is going, many on the internet (most of them die-hard Disney fans) aren’t, as one might say, on board with this idea.





Because, like, do we even ~need~ the Hall of Presidents?

You’ve still got roughly two months to make it down to Orlando and check out President Obama in all his sitting-president glory. The attraction will close in early 2017 to make way for Trump, and reopen Summer 2017.

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