All the moments we’ll never forget from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Katy Perry started her Super Bowl Halftime Show in an oh-so-appropriate flame covered outfit, and it’s a good thing because she was on FIYAH during her entire performance! Seriously, ah-mazing. She had so much energy for the entire set, she sounded like a dream, and I also think she used a little bit of magic to do all those costume changes — it was like, blink, and suddenly she was in an ENTIRELY different outfit.

We knew she was totally going to bring the house down, and she SO delivered. Here are just some of the moments we’re going to be talking about for many more Super Bowl Halftime Shows to come.

When she entered the arena riding on a LION

Was it a puppet? Was it actually a giant silver-plated lion? Do you think she got her parking validated for it? If you were at all like, “her performance might be a little meh” the moment she entered the field riding that thing, all those meh thoughts went right out the window.

The magical stage that constantly changed

One second the stage appeared to be a giant chess board, the next it was on FIRE, then it became a beachfront oasis, and then it kind of looked like The Grid from Tron(?). Whatever it was, it was amazing, and completely fit right into Katy’s show. It also appeared that she was moving and tilting the stage with her mind, so major props for that.

Her costume game was on point

She started off wearing that fire ensemble (seriously, where can we get one of those?), before changing into a beach ball inspired number. From there, she donned a black studded jersey before finishing out the show in a sparkly star-studded silver dress which put all other silver dresses to shame.

Katy’s friends came to hang out, too

The news about Lenny Kravitz joining the halftime show was widely promoted for the past few weeks. But how surprised were you when suddenly MISSY ELLIOTT appeared on stage? All I needed to hear were those first few beats of “Get Ur Freak On” and I was freaking out. Would it be too much to ask if Katy and Missy toured together?

Her backup dancing sharks

Were those sharks a great idea, or the BEST idea? I’m going to go with best idea. Be prepared to start seeing a lot of candy-colored dancing sharks from here on out. I say the more dancing sharks, the merrier.

When she rode on The More You Know star, and basically told us to believe in our dreams

Earlier in the day, Katy tweeted out a picture of herself as a little girl with the caption: Today is for this girl. She had the dream, always believed in herself & her worth. Today she is the one smiling.

And then, Katy took to the skies — literally — and flew away on a giant shooting star because anything is possible if you dream and try hard enough.

Yes the star does look exactly like the shooting star from the The More You Know NBC ads, we get it, Twitter. BUT COME ON, it was amazing, and magical, and I want it to happen again for every Super Bowl from here on out.

Slap the words, “You’re a Firework” onto this picture, and suddenly we have our brand new motivational poster. Let’s make that happen. This is my new favorite moment out of everything that happened last night, so thank you KP for that.

And BRB, riding away on my own shooting star now, bye!

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