Haku the Cream-Colored Fannypack Otter

In downtown Tokyo at the Sunshine City Aquarium, 4-month-old Haku, a white river otter cub, is making quite a splash. At her age, most cubs’ fur turns dark, but Haku’s adolescent oatmeal overtones have yet to change, which means she’ll likely keep her unique coloring into adulthood. Since she’s not yet old enough to play with the more mature otters in her habitat, a trainer totes her around in a sizable satchel and lets her loose on a leash so that visitors can interact with the otterly adorable cub. As one little girl so eloquently put it,

SO cute and small. Can you imagine if that was your job? To carry around a tiny otter in a glorified fannypack all day? One way or an otter, you’re going to have a good time. It’s videos like this that make me wonder if I otter consider a change in profession that involves less desks and more adorable animals. I’m out of puns now, I swear.