Hairstyles that look even better when you have second day dirty hair

Long live the second (and third) day hair. While a fresh blowout is beautifuldirty, textured hair looks awesome too. Yes, you can do all these hairstyles at ANY stage of hair cleanliness, but they work BEST when you’re hair is a little dirtier and filled with product from the previous days’ style.

Top knot

Everyone’s fave.

Or a braided top-knot


A dirty pony

A dirty pony is fluffier and more textured than a straight-out-of-the-blowout pony.

A ballet bun

The fullness comes from the hair having several days of product already in it.

Some kind of braid

Braids always hold better on dirty hair.

One of those half-up top knots

The benefit of having your hair off your face but still down.

Beach waves

It’s actually easier to style beach waves when your hair is dirty af, because dirty hair holds a curl better.

The no-part part

Spray your hair with a texturizing spray or dry shampoo and then just flip your hair from side to side, alternating the part.