Here’s What Haircut You Should Get, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Leos, this is your sign to get curtain bangs.

For most people, choosing a new haircut or hairstyle is an every-few-years endeavor. It can be a lot to decide which cut or color is best for you when people are telling you to consider your lifestyle, face shape, and budget. But choosing a new way to wear your hair should be more fun than anxiety-inducing. This is why it’s best not to overthink the process and instead go with your gut. Ask yourself which style appeals to you or which haircut you admire on other people—and go with that. After all, hair always grows back

If you happen to be craving a new style but are unsure where to start or which haircut might be for you, why not experiment by choosing a style based on your personality or better yet, your zodiac sign? Astrologist Lisa Stardust tells HelloGiggles that there are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to big hair changes: “As long as the haircuts aren’t made during Mercury and Venus retrograde, then anytime is great—preferably new and full moons.” Here are the best haircuts for each zodiac sign, according to Stardust.

Aries: Buzz Cut

“Aries will like a firey and bold hairstyle that allows them to embrace their rebellious nature,” says Stardust. If you’ve been toying around with the idea of shaving all your hair off, consider this your sign to go for it.

Taurus: The Mane 

haircut zodiac sign mane

If you’re a Taurus, Stardust says that experimenting with a giant, flowing mane of hair could be the way to go. “Taurus needs a look that embraces their sensual and decadent nature,” explains Stardust. Whether you achieve this by embracing your hair’s natural texture or adding some flowing extensions, this style could be a good fit for the bull’s personality. 

Gemini: Clavicut 

haircut zodiac sign clavicut

A clavicut (aka a long bob that reaches just to your clavicle) could be a great balance of long and short hair if you can’t decide which way to go, Stardust explains. “The in-between length is perfect for dualistic Gemini who likes a no-fuss look,” she says. 

Cancer: Layers 

haircuts by zodiac sign long waves ciara

“Cancers have a lot of emotional layers, which is why their hair should be the same,” Stardust says. Whether you opt for long layers or short ones, this style might be the best for you if you happen to be the crab of the zodiac.

Leo: Curtain Bangs

haircuts by zodiac sign curtain bangs
Tibrina Hobson, Getty Images

Leos love being the center of attention, which is why they’ll be drawn to the trendy hairstyle of the moment. “They’ll opt for a dramatic look that will make a statement when they share photos on Instagram,” Stardust explains.

Virgo: French Bob 

There’s no style that combines classic, effortlessly chic, and trendy quite like the French bob. French bobs are typically shorter than your typical chin-length bobs, and while it’s still a dramatic cut, it also has that simple, no-fuss feel that perfectionist Virgos love. Stardust explains that a cut like this would also speak to a “Virgo’s earthy side.” 

Libra: Lob

haircuts zodiac sign lob

For Libras, a balanced and sophisticated look is perfect, explains Stardust, which makes a lob an ideal style. As a bonus, it can be a big change for those with long hair who aren’t quite ready for a giant chop—yet. 

Scorpio: Straight, Razor-Sharp Hair 

haircuts zodiac sgn

This look is straightforward and blunt, just like Scorpios. Scorpios don’t like to mince words or looks, which is why they’ll opt for a sleek style,” says Stardust. 

Sagittarius: Long, Wavy Hair

haircuts by zodiac wavy hair gemma chan

For a free-spirited and noncommittal sign like a Saggitarius, long, flowy hair can offer a variety of styling options so they never get bored, says Stardust. Consider adding long, flowing extensions to your current ‘do to get this look.

Capricorn: Bob

haircuts by zodiac sign bob january jones

Capricorns are known for being tough, so a classic yet bold hairstyle like a bob is a great fit for them. “A bob will soften their vibe and attitude,” explains Stardust. Alternatively, a more wavy, naturally-styled bob could be a softer interpretation and add balance to a Capricorn’s tough outer shell. 

Aquarius: Pixie Cut 

haircuts by zodiac sign pixie cut
Getty Images

Pixie cuts will always be in style, and since they evolve based on the current hair trends, they’re a surprisingly classic look. However, they’re also a big commitment, so they’re not for the faint of heart. But they are perfect for this air sign. Aquarians are daring and fun, which is why they’ll adore this look,” explains Stardust.

Pisces: Shag 

No one loves a dreamy, romantic, free-spirited vibe quite like a Pisces. Given this, a  ’70s-inspired shag cut could be just the right fit for this nostalgic and artistic water sign.