Is this the haircut of 2016?

Layers have been part of our lives for so long it’s tough to to let them go. They’re an easy way to refresh your hairstyle, give the illusion of length, and add much needed movement to hair. They can also be a pain in the neck (sometimes literally, haha) to maintain. Grown out, abandoned layers can instantly make you and your hair look tired.

Well, now you can say goodbye to that mess. The blunt cut is back in a major way, being seen on everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Rihanna, who just debuted hers on Instagram.

A blunt cut refers to a hairstyle that has perfectly symmetrical lengths throughout the cut. All of the ends are perfectly even, all the way around. It works well with an A-line shape, as Khloe shows off here.

It also works well with the cut most of freaked out over last year, the lob (or the long bob, if you’re not familiar with the shorthand).

If you want the cut, Glamour has some great suggestions on how to explain your needs to your hairstylist. For those who already have layers, your hairstylist should be able to expertly blend those in so they’re not textured and obvious.

The style also works for many different types of hair textures – yes, you can still give yourself awesome beach waves with a blunt style, as shown below.

(Images via Instagram)