Zoë Kravitz has TOTALLY different hair now, because she’s actually the queen of all things edgy

By now, we’ve all accepted that Zoë Kravitz is way cooler than we’ll ever be. She’s all things amazing and stylish, and she’s our edgiest dream come to life. Now she’s taken edgy to a whole new level, because Kravitz just swapped her braids for a platinum blond bob. We seriously couldn’t love Zoë Kravitz’s new hairstyle more!



So sweet, and so flawless.

And after!


Like, woah. She looks AH-MAZING. Our bleach blond dreams are coming oh-so-true.

But that isn’t the only time that she’s had an AMAZING hairstyle.

Like these super cute braids.


And this pony.


Plus this low bun.


So classy, and yet so, so bold. We couldn’t crave Kravitz’s style more.

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