Kenya Foy
Updated Apr 12, 2017 @ 2:44 pm
jaden and will smith red carpet
Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Unless your parent is a skilled cosmetologist, odds are you don’t want them anywhere near your precious tendrils. But when you’re prepping for a movie role that requires something loftier than a generous trim, it’s perfectly acceptable to hand the clippers to Will Smith, who cut his son Jaden’s hair and had absolutely no chill about it.

As People reports, a downright giddy Smith buzzed Jaden’s blonde dreadlocks and shared the hilarious photos on Facebook. Now, we already know Smith totally supports Jaden and Willow’s progressive clothing choices, but judging by the gleeful expression he wore while chopping the 18-year-old’s lengthy locks, it seems like he couldn’t wait for Jaden to start sporting a new look.

Hmm, or maybe he secretly wants to pull off the locked ‘do himself.

Either way, we’re not mad at Jaden’s understated, natural look, which he was seen rocking in this selfie he took with a fan.

As we mentioned, Jaden made the drastic hairstyle change in preparation for a role in the upcoming romantic drama Life in a Year, in which the 18-year-old plays a teen who decides to make the most of the final year he spends with his girlfriend, who is dying from cancer. The film also stars Terrence Howard and Cara Delevingne, with Jaden’s dad contributing as a producer.

We look forward to some fun on-set hijinks from these two, but hopefully someone keeps the scissors far, far away from Will!