Credit: Getty Images / Dave Hogan / MTV 2015

We would be lying if we didn’t admit we went through a little emo phase! Although it was very short lived, who didn’t want to be best friends with Avril Lavigne? Well Ruby Rose (who you probably fell in love with in Orange is the New Black and is also starring in the new Resident Evil movie) is giving us a flashback to our middle school angst years with her latest Instagram showcasing the old school emo hairstyle.

There is NO WAY that you’re unfamiliar with the emo hairstyle, but if you are we’ll give you the crash course explanation. The emo hair look is normally black or dark, longish hair that frames the face and sweeps to the side. Think Justin Bieber when he first appeared on the scene! Except he kept his hair blonde to embrace the young heartthrob look.

Last night, Ruby Rose posted a photo of her rocking an emo hairstyle and we have to admit she pulls it off! But she is no stranger to rocking a short look.

There’s always this assumption that when you rock a pixie cut it’s super easy to maintain. But according to Rose’s interview with Cosmopolitan UK it takes a lot of work to rock this androgynous look.

Although we aren’t brave enough to take the pixie cut plunge, we hope Ruby Rose doesn’t change her hairstyle anytime soon!