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Credit: Logan Laurice / https://www.instagram.com/p/BUxXnOWDWHU/

Vogue‘s latest YouTube upload is pretty major — it features Dear White People’s Logan Browning and it’s the magazine’s first curl-focused video. If you’ve been sleeping on Vogue‘s YouTube, now’s a good time to check out their 73 Questions celeb interview series, fashion week coverage, and beauty tutorials where you can learn DIY’s from Priyanka Chopra, jet lag beauty secrets from Bella Hadid, and an iconic 5 minute makeup tutorial courtesy of Victoria Beckham.

While Vogue‘s YouTube has featured curly-haired celebs like Aluna Francis of Aluna George, this is the first Beauty Secret video that’s truly focused on a curly hair routine. For reference, Aluna’s video was more of a Get Ready With Me where she finished by refreshing her curls, while Logan’s video is a full step-by-step tutorial.

Credit: American Vogue YouTube / www.youtube.com

In the shower, she detangles her curls with the holy grail brush of curly-haired women, the Denman Brush ($12.69).

Credit: American Vogue YouTube / www.youtube.com

Next, she sections her damp hair and applies Devacurl B’ Leave-In Miracle Curl Plumper ($20) and Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel ($22).

Credit: American Vogue YouTube / www.youtube.com

The leave-in hydrates her curls while the gel locks in moisture and seals the curl.

Credit: American Vogue YouTube / www.youtube.com

After a little towel drying and scrunching, it’s time to bust out the diffuser. Logan waits until her hair is nearly dry to separate curls with her fingers.

The results are FLAWLESS.

Check out the full video, here and if you haven’t binged watched Dear White People yet… what are you waiting for?