And it costs less than a Dyson.

Christie Calucchia
July 01, 2020 2:37 pm

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Tineco just joined Dyson in the ranks of vacuum brands that have expanded their offerings to include hair styling products. Only, unlike Dyson’s impossible-to-keep-in-stock hair dryer, Tineco’s brand new Moda One Smart Hair Dryer costs under $300 and is available on Amazon.

If its top-rated vacuum cleaners are any indication, Tineco’s hair dryer is sure to be a hit. Truly a smart device, it uses a humidity sensor to detect hair moisture levels and a proximity sensor to detect how close the styling tool is to your hair. Based on the hair moisture and distance the dryer measures, it adjusts heat and airflow accordingly to prevent heat damage, protecting both your hair and your scalp while speeding up drying time. It also produces an optimal amount of negative ions based on hair moisture for ideal protection and shine.

You can select one of seven drying modes, including options for kids, pets, and styling, through an app on your phone, while a digital motor and airflow concentration technology make the dryer ulta-efficient. It’s even optimized to remain as quiet as possible, taking the guilt out of drying your hair first thing in the morning when your partner or roommate may be sleeping.

Finally, you’ll know exactly when to turn off the device thanks to a colorful LED light ring that changes from red to blue when no moisture is detected in your hair. It’ll make over-drying your hair a thing of the past and keep you from running out the door before your locks are really dry.

Tineco Moda One Smart Hair Dryer


Shop it! $299,

The sleek hair dryer comes with an 8.8-foot power cord and three magnetic styling attachments: a concentrator to direct airflow to specific areas, a diffuser to disperse airflow and prevent frizz while drying curls and waves, and a smoothing nozzle for gentler airflow and a shiny finish.

Available in Sangria purple and Mocha gray, it costs $299. That’s more than the price of an average hair dryer, but with so many tech-savvy features, it’s worth the investment. Head to Amazon to grab your own smart hair dryer today.

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