Ashley Rey
Updated Feb 13, 2017 @ 6:05 pm

Singer and dancer Tinashe uses her new John Frieda platform to talk about her natural hair journey, and we’re so here for it! The “Hair Talks — Make Your Statement” campaign is all about empowering women to take pride in their natural curls. And the starlet knows a bit about texture acceptance, as it took her some time to really love her own.

Tinashe admits to not knowing how to take care of her tresses growing up, and even experimented with some not-so-hot hair trends. It took a long time for the 24-year-old to dig her natural look, and that’s a process that many women know all too well.

The natural hair campaign is near and dear to Tinashe, as she too struggled with accepting her natural curls.

As a naturally curly kid, the lack of hair diversity in media made it harder for the singer to get the help she needed. So, she turned to blogs for inspiration and hair-care tips.

The singer recalls switching it up a bit and wearing her hair straight to school one day. Only to have a classmate completely ruin her self-esteem — saying that she looked “way better” with her hair straight.

Comments like these definitely hit home for a lot of curly girls. And unfortunately, still affect how a lot of us choose to rock our hair today.

And through embracing her own texture, Tinashe hopes to inspire others to do the same.