super mario hair
Credit: X-presion Creativos /

Are you looking for a bold new hair color to freshen up your look? Forget your typical reds, pinks, and even blues. According to Harper’s BAZAAR, the new “it” color is—wait for it— Super Mario. What on ~God’s Green Earth~ is Super Mario hair color, you ask? Good question.

The Madrid-based hairstylists at X-presion Creativos are the masterminds behind this new ‘do. Last year they were responsible for inventing the pixelated hair technique, which consists of dying random sections of hair in order to give the illusion of pixelated color.

But now, just like Dr. Frankenstein, X-presion Creativos stylists have given their pixelated creations life. Those pixels are now full figured Super Marios, bouncing from one head, to the next.

Here’s what the style looks like in motion:

Mario deceivingly looks like uniquely placed color blocked highlights. But he can’t hide. We know the truth.

Mama mia! It’s alive!

Ok, not gonna lie. That’s actually pretty cool.

Now, this is obviously not a hairstyle for the faint of heart, or for those who prefer Luigi to Mario. But even if this isn’t something you yourself would sport, you must admit, this dye process takes some serious talent.

It’s clear that the stylists at X-presion Creativos focus greatly on research and development concerning new and interesting hair color techniques. The salon’s mission statement reads:

“Based on investigation and motivated by curiosity we try to find the most efficient way to make our ideas come true, creating something different and original that will benefit the industry and stimulate us to keep on dreaming.”

Judging by the reactions they are getting from the Super Mario, the salon is doing a pretty good job so far at being different and original. Ben fatto! That’s Italian for, well done!