Suave Beauty
Credit: Suave Beauty / Youtube

Expectation is everything when it comes to beauty products. We’re likely to expect better results from hair care that comes in sleek trendy packaging and bears a higher price tag than their cheaper and less-glamorous counterparts. With this in mind, Suave trolled millennial pink lovers so hard, we may have to sign Suave up for a roast battle.

As part of Suave’s latest ad campaign, they presented very trendy millennial pink bottles of shampoo to a group of unsuspecting women and told them they were trying a hot new hair care brand. The bottles themselves were branded with the title “Evaus” which sounds like a lush overpriced beauty brand, but is actually Suave spelled backward (they deserve all the trolling props for this move).

Credit: Suave Beauty / Youtube

While the women thought they were trying out an expensive new formula, they were actually washing their hair with Suave’s Honey Infusion Strengthening Formula all along.

Credit: Suave Beauty / Youtube

As you can see in this video, the reveal is quite a blow.

This was a surefire way to grab people’s attention and prove our packaging and price point-related bias.

Their hair does look on-point.

Also, where the fictional Evaus would likely costs $56 a bottle, the Suave Honey Infusion Strengthening Formula costs $3 a bottle.

We are 100% okay with trolling when it blesses us with affordable shampoo alternatives.