If there’s any weekend (or weekends) that will break the internet, it’s Coachella weekend. The music festival is pretty much a fashion free-for-all, where celebrities and normal people alike are allowed to put their cares to the wind and wear whatever makes them feel amazing (minus the culturally insensitive pieces, we hope).

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner’s pink hair is one Coachella highlight (hairlight?) that we can’t seem to get over. And although the change wasn’t permanent, we kind of hope it will be. Her pink-tinted locks are thanks to Joico’s InstaTint, a washable hair color spray that won’t get all over everything your hair touches.

Credit: Jonathan Leibson/ Getty

So sadly, this look will wash out. But with Sophie’s long and luscious blonde hair, we’re sort of (not so secretly) hoping this actually becomes a real thing. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

We think this bubblegum hue is perfect for summer. Even if the actress doesn’t actually dye her hair pink, we do hope that she at least wears her mane like this often. And since she’s already undergone the transformation from redhead to blonde, it doesn’t feel so far off imagining her with pink strands.

Credit: Jonathan Leibson/ Getty

We love how Sophie’s hair feels like pink lemonade; sweet, tangy, and perfect for a summer day. And with her robin’s egg shades, the pink feels super retro. We’re hoping that she adopts this style more, and we’re living vicariously through this look until she does.