Madison Vanderberg
Updated December 04, 2017

Blake Lively, is that you? Lively shared a still from her upcoming movie, The Rhythm Section, and looks exactly like Kris Jenner. At this point, any woman with chic black hair with bangs looks like Jenner. We’re not saying Jenner owns this look, but we’re not saying she doesn’t own it. Also, how do you describe this style? Because it would be so easy if we all just collectively started to refer to this cut as ~The Kris Jenner.~

Lively is currently filming the action thriller The Rhythm Section, which tells the story of a woman who gets revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family. We think the new hair is a wig seeing as Lively was spotted filming in Ireland last month with a brunette bowl cut.

The actress shared her Jenner-inspired look on Twitter, calling the dark-haired boy emoji her “spirit animal.” The phrase “spirit animal” is used so colloquially across the internet that it seems to be a stand-in term to describe something you love or identify with, however, the concept of the spirit animal is not just an internet linguistic device, it’s a tradition that’s been appropriated from Native American spirituality.

Is the boy emoji her spirit animal? No. Are we going to use this social media blunder as a teachable moment on cultural appropriation and the misuse of the phrase spirit animal? Damn right.

However, does Lively channel the spirit and essence of Jenner with her new hair/wig?